Independence day India
Independence day

Today we mark the 74th year of our independence but as I look around I see us getting freedom from the British but not from the clutches of the backward society and the chains of religion... I feel my country going background to the time of caste division and Orthodox society but then I remember that the Hindu and the Muslim fighting together for the independence and the modern technology and techniques used.. I remember the tricolor of my flag that's flying so high but feel people making white color act as a line for our religious partition. I remember the cries of the people who died for the independence we celebrate but I cry for the innocent who is yet not free... I remember the women who came forward to join hands with the men to fight their way towards a new vision but I see the bars which prevent the women from moving forward now... I see the vision of the nation they fought for but the reality knocks so hard of what we have become. I remember and salute to all the fallen who fought with the British and all the heroes we lost in this pandemic situation... I remember the politicians of that time working together toward the vision of a new country and now the tables turn as all the politicians are throwing dirt at each other around.. I see the talents being suppressed and the money powered being given the opportunity... I see the young generation being underestimated and falling into depression cause dreams aren't given wings here... I remember the golden bird but now I just look at the poor slums... But I hope like the people did and see the vision they fought for I stand with you this independence to became a part of something great that's yet to happen. At the stroke of this midnight I again dream for the nation we visioned and to the real freedom, we are yet deprived of where speaking and standing to the powerful is not wrong and all the religion are just part of faith and not any controversy... 


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