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I accept student
Today we all face the challenge of being accepted in society but whats a society just a stereotype of being able to fit in.. But then nothing is ever good enough no matter how we are we will have flaws and scars but that what makes us beautiful.  We are running a race to fit in but we all are different doesn't that mean we are destined to stand out. Depression isn't a mental disorder going to a psychiatrist doesn't label you mad talk cause that's what important. The lack of communication leads to the blockage of ideas and interaction. Closing down the walls of our inner self leads to the suffocation of our being. Find a friend who is there to hear you no matter what happens and if you can't find one I will lend an ear to you... I might not have solution to your every problem but I will be there to listen so that you can feel light inside... Running into the darkness isn't a solution to the problem of life but a blockage to the bright future you could have.. Fighting the hard times will be tough but standing up after falling down is beautiful. It won't matter where you came from, what colour you belong or which place you stand cause it's all gonna turn to dust one day... It's only one life we have, live it like you wanna doesn't matter if you are black or if your skirt length is short, some things you choose some you don't but what we can choose is the way we make ourself. We will make mistakes but learning and moving forward is what we need to do... I know there will be times when the sun will be clouded but that won't make us lose hope for a better day tomorrow. Being accepted by others is not important being accepted by yourself is important. They know where you are today but not the journey you have travelled. Stand up and raise your head cause you haven't done anything to lower it cause you only made a mistake of thinking that you need a society to live... Society won't be there to answer your every question or help you in your failure don't let their judgmental attitude stop you from a future you want which only consists of you and your happiness. Stop running after fame or money just the inner peace is enough to live a life worth living. And to anyone, it may matter
#I_accept_you no matter what scars or defects you carry... I will be there to listen and accept... 


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