True Friendship Simi Rawat
True Friendship - Simi Rawat
‌It's easy to forget everything but the scars always come back to haunt us... it's hard to trust someone cause it takes courage for w person to admit his/her faults and bare themselves in front of someone. But we forget that people wear a mask and what we see aren't the real them. How do we ever believe in someone or their words??? Do true friendship really exist or are they just a mirage?? I stand on the thin line to convey my story to the people who can take the time and patience to listen... I believed in a guy called him my best friend only to be devastated by his lies and betrayal. Saw how many faces a person can wear so I left trusting. I found another friend too she was an amazing person I guess but doesn't a friend stick through thick n thin and support you I guess that's a pretty novel lie we all heard cause she left me when she knew I was suffering claiming that it was me who was wrong and I did the wrong thing. Funny how people change but I think it's better to see these kinds of friendship end cause they are toxic and makes hard for us to survive. We try our best but it's never enough. At last, it's only us standing all alone bearing ourselves in front of everyone. A friendship not able to stand up for you, fight for you or let you believe in the trust is not worth it. Standing alone with a head high up is worth every scar and pain. And you never know when a real person worth everything comes making you believe in what friendship is and what you actually deserve. I guess I always end up sounding depressed but then I want to convey the feelings we all go through or have been through. But remember:-
we are all like trees there are some friends who are like the leaves they eventually fall with time, some friends are like branches they fall off when times get tough and the changing tides of life get us to knock out and at last there are the friends who are like the root who stay no matter how damage we are rooting for us through everything, providing us with the need of life the courage to stand and be there beside us.


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