The more I see you the more I feel
The way things ended up being.
This wasn't the way I deserved to be,
Shallow and broken all around.

Breaking every second of my being,
Escaping the reality of my life.
I fall back to see the nightmare,
My house of memories on fire.

Leaving was the best you could do,
But the date turned the table around.
I see you begging for me now,
The cold within is yet all I feel.

You let me go or I dare to say,
You left me to beg for the love I wished.
My words became silent,
My eyes told stories now.

But now I stand above now above your lies,
I see the vision of truth clear now.
I loved the old you but now it's time
To let go of the image I held so close till now.

I am the new me now,
Above the pathetic self, I led myself to be.
The new version of my new reality,
I learned to let go of my insecurities.

I learned the hard truth,
The vision of a fairy tale ending with a twist.
No prince but me who saves myself,
The dragon being the insecurities I hide.

I learn to let go of you,
To let go of the expectations and the dreams,
The unfilled promises you made to me,
The wait that never knows rest.

I learned to let go not cause my love disappeared,
Because I know love doesn't need to be completed...
 I live with this reality that you are happy.
That's enough for me now...

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