Hey Friends Welcome to Student Motivation If someone has hurt your feelings and you have a Breakup but if you are still stuck in it then please wait & read this inspirational message in the form of a letter from the dept of your heart I'm sure It will definitely help you to overcome a breakup and in the end share it with that person who is called Stranger here.

Breakup Motivation

Hi, my stranger...
No one knows the memory we had shared the past that had held us together...no one will know that we ever knew each other...no one will know how things changed...I hope this letter never finds you coz it will always be there in the secret place we once sat together for hours...I will bury it with all the memories that you kept aside..with all the love I had... everything was magical but magic doesn't last...But even the memories that haunt you are a passage to the world I long for...You had held my hand told me everything would be alright. You held me close under the night sky promised me that a forever awaits us... But forever is only good in books...we can't last where the person doesn't want to stay..hope our eyes never cross again cause I won't be able to handle it...I yet go weak under your gaze...U broke the ties n the promises.. you broke all the vows we took but how can I blame you when I was no good... I knew my lack and imperfections would lead us to this...we might cry leaving each other with nights that were breaking our soul...You became the stranger I never knew..I thought heavens of you we could have been the best but some stories are incomplete and some people are meant to be strangers...We became friends and then again we became strangers..the only difference was that this time we are strangers with memory...

Thanking you..
Never again your past..x


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