As we all know that we are living in the world of globalization where English is the only language common in this diversity and spoken in many countries. It is considered a universal language. Most of the universities worldwide include English as one of there major subjects. India is also competing for other countries in terms of education and many other things. hence forced to meet global standards. English is the first and foremost criteria whether you are applying for a job or you are seeking admission in a required college or university Companies welcome those candidates who are fluent English and have the relevant qualifications and skill set. However, candidates with the relevant qualification without having proper knowledge of the English language are being rejected.

There are few tips which can help us enhance fluency in English:-

1. Read fairy tales every day at least for 10 minutes.
2. Read cartoons and jokes in English.
3. Write your personal diary such as what all did you do to the entire day? Or what you're going to do tomorrow? etc
4. Watch cartoon channel, English Movies, etc
5. Listen to news
6. Try to talk in English with your friends and family
7. Start thinking in English

Role of English in Personality Development

Every individual is different from one another due to some unique geographical conditions of there style, behavior, mindset, attitude and their own way os gasping things and seeing the world from their own view. So language becomes so necessary to interconnect with such people who have different languages. But what is the role of English in Personality Development? As we all know that Personality is reflected in the way you behave with others An individual with a pleasant personality is always respected an appreciated by all.
So effective communication plays a major role in sharpening one's personality and command over a language makes you more confident. English is such language of communication which is being used for so long time by all of us as a business or educational language. English helps us to express our thoughts, feelings, and knowledge in a describable manner and effective communication.
In modern time a person should be able to speak English in a really well manner to make an impression Always remember, no one would take seriously if you are not confident and not interested towards the art of communication, smarter, and faster.
English plays a vital role in our life. English should be connected with Hindi or other regional languages that you practice. India is a land of numerous regional languages in different states.
English is also widely being used in official communications. The termination of use of English will adversely affect the way you work at the office Most corporate people know English, but most of them do not know any other language other than their mother tongue or regional languages so they communicate with each other through English for their daily work.
People with excellent English have a different stamp of their personality because it really helps in getting a better impression in all sections of life.
Effective command of English will strengthen the bond among people. It also helps in improving the interpersonal relationship with other people. Selecting the words carefully is an essential thing for effective communication skills we really ought to know what you are speaking for a good impression or Personality. We never know what will hurt the facing person. Never use abusive words in English with anyone.
The style of speaking English also makes a positive impact on your personality, speaking slowly and with a humble attitude helps as it helps you find the appropriate words and also reflects your thoughtfulness.
 No Doubt, English is the finest language to communicate and also help in your personality development
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