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Hello, Friends Welcome to Student As we all know in this modern era of technology the level of competition is getting more tougher and for students, it is very necessary to utilize every second of the day and for that you need an ideal  daily study timetable but it is really important to know that each of my readers have there different weak or strong subject zone so set your timetable with the help of this article here I can only Guide you like your big brother but you have to set your Daily Study Timetable yourself 

Student Motivation -Daily Student Time Table 
Daily Study Timetable For Students:  
Start From Your Weak Zone 
(Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, and Other Deep Subjects)

 Friends each of us has some subjects which are our favourite so we are interested in learning them every time but some subjects are quite tougher for us, for those subjects you need to generate interest and whenever you start your studies you are inspired to learn so always remember to start your studies from your weak zone. It will help you to learn and understand that subject. I recommended you give 30 minutes at least for weak subjects per day. Above I have mentioned these subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, and Other Deep Subjects) because they need more time to understand and generally quite tougher for students.

Daily Study Timetable For Students: Then Choose Lighter Subjects (Literature etc )

Daily Study Timetable 
After having a lot of pressure in your mind you should come to some lighter subjects which can give you relief with the knowledge which may be English, Nobel, Poetry etc. If you belong to the Science or Commerce stream then giving 15 minutes per day will be enough and if you belong from Art stream you should give it more time for about 30 minutes.

Daily Study Timetable For Students:  Go Towards Mathematics or Economics 

Now it is the time when we again have to concentrate our mind with more activeness because maths is one of a most important and interesting subject for most of the students and it will help you to again to be interested in learning and if you don't have maths in your stream you can give time to Physics, Economics and Accountancy. You should give 30 to 40 minutes for these subjects.

Daily Study Timetable For Students:
 Now Learn What You Love 

Student -Learn As Love
If you will be adapted to this schedule it will be the best time for you. Now you can learn your favourite subject which may be anyone from your syllabus and I will not give the minimum time limit for this one because it is your favourite so you can learn it how much you want.

Daily Study Timetable For Students: Learn Your Passion

We all love something and our this age is only time when we have time to learn it like Music, Motivational Book, Guitar, Piano, Drawing, Dancing and lot more which will be with you lifetime 

How Much We Are Learning???

Start From Your Weak Zone                                          30 minutes 
(Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History,
 and Other Deep Subjects) 

Then Choose Lighter Subjects (Literature etc )               30 minutes

Go Towards Mathematics or Economics                   40 minutes 

 Now Learn What You Love                                 about 30 minutes

Learn Your Passion                                            about  30 minutes

TOTAL                                                                                                  2 HOURS AND 40 MINUTES

NOTE:-  You can adjust the time according to your class or Exam time

If you are thinking that how you will be able to give 30 minutes per day to a  subject really sometimes it looks quite easy to say but tough to execute, but you know what is you will be unable to follow your complete study schedule then just follow half of all these tips and you will find a change and It will be more than enough you need.

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Keep Smiling Keep Learning

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