Today is a day of Yoga& Meditation not only for India but for this whole world So friends in this modern era of learning through technology we all students are unable to give time to ourselves, our body and in its result, we are getting frustrated and unwilling to learn. Students love to spend more times in Mobile Games and Social Media, There are a lot of students who hate study because they can't remember what they have studied before sometime It's funny because its reason is very simple if you are learning Science but you still thinking about PUBG then how you can concentrate?
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Okay, Means, Our distraction is problem of lack of Concentration, but what is the solution????
Solution is Yoga&Meditation

Guys. here are some powerful Yogasanas which will help you to concentrate and focus on studies.

(1)Padmasana(Lotus Position)

Padmasana or Lotus Position is one of the most powerful Asan for increasing concentrate towards study as in Hindu religion it is said to be that the Goddess of Knowledge Maa Saraswati sits in this position and it is the best position to concentrate on study for students


  • Sit Comfortably on a mat (Note:- Yoga should not be done in the naked ground or floor you should use a mat )
  • Control your Breathing
  • Sit in Sukhasana (Both legs cross under your thaig)
  • Raise up a leg from your hand and put it on your lap
  • Do similar for the second one
  • You will get padmasana

(2) Tadasana

Tadasana helps you to increase hight,  avoid the stress from studies and makes you more focused to study. it is one of the Pose Of Suryanamaskara Mantra. It is one of the best yoga for students.


  • Stand up straight
  • Relax your body
  • Slowly raise your both hands parallel to your solder
  • In next step join yours hand over your head and stress your whole body up
  • It is the position of Tadasana

(3)Vrikshasan (Tree pose)

Vrikshasan or Tree Pose helps you to balance your body which will make you more disciplined and focused This asana also is known as bhagirathasan as it is said that the Bhagirathi as saint meditate in this position to make Lord Brahma and Lord Siva happy to bring Ma Ganga on Earth


  • Stand relax fully
  • Control your Breathing
  • In the first step pick your left leg and put it over your right thigh
  • Slowly raise your both hands parallel to your solder
  • In next step join yours hand over your head and stress your whole body up
  • It is the position of  Vrikshasan

(4)Utkat Asan (Chair Pose)

Utkat Asan or Chair Position is also for maintaining balance like Vrikshasan which will help you to control your body balance and Iam prefering this one for Students because It Helps to improves concentration.


  •  Stand up comfortably
  • Control Your Breathing
  • Raise your hands up towards your head slowly.
  • Now make your position as sitting in chair and balance yourself
  • It is the position of Utkat Asan

(5) Savasana 

Savasana is a powerful Yoga for students If you are tired from your studies and wants some peace of mind then it is best for you It is also helpful for those how do not have so much time take rest. In this position, body feels like the dead so this is called Shavasana means Dead body.


  • Lying on the mat relax fully control your breath 
  • Relax your hands and legs 
  • Close Your Eyes and keep deep breathing
  • Don't do any activity behave as a dead body

That's all for today BE FIT BE HAPPY 

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