How to be Confident?

(Personality Development)

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How to be confident 

During interviews, with strangers, and on stage, no one cares about you and respects your knowledge if you are not confident. "Your level of confidence shows the level of your confidence." So if confidence is so necessary then...How to be confident?

Here are some tips for you and by improving these tips definitely you will be a confident person:-

1. Well Dress up 

Always try to dress up good according to place according to people your first impression should be best by which people will be unable to move there attention from you. That what we need first,,,

2. Respect other 

Now you are completely well dressed and in front of people then it became really necessary to respect others, but why?  You can't be Confident until you would not get respect and no-one will respect you until you will not respect them. So make the quality of giving respect in yourself 

3. Be a Genuine Person 

Being a genuine person is really hard how? You can look good by spending money, you can respect others in just formality, but when you will genuine person then you have to be kind-hearted and good person through your spirit and its toughest one because  making fool to world is so easy than making fool to yourself, but If you will be a genuine person so everyone will love you and it will be your biggest foundation of confidence

4. Never show yourself as a loser 

If you will be dull and loser in front of people that no one will respect you have to control your emotion and be a lion spirit person, never show your weakness to the world because you can't be confident until people think you a loser.

5. Be a good Thought Expresser 

Try to be a good speaker because no one will respect you from your looks only most of the people are always so interested to know someone's thought and ideas because it proves that you are not a dump you have your thoughts which are best it is also a big thing to be a confident person.

6. Hide your Bad Habits

Until you have bad habits how can you be a speaker how can you say people to be good, So you have to leave those habits, but it's really tough then what to do? instead of leaving them to try to hide such habits from others, because no one likes such a person.

7. Never Depressed 

Ups & Downs are the part of life no one can defeat them but you have to face such time with the patient, with courage and hope of soon everything will be perfect.

 I hope this article will be helpful to you if yes then comment below your appreciation is important for us 

Keep Smiling!! Keep Motivated!!
Thank you !!

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